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Started in 2012, a comprehensive enterprise focusing on the research, development, production and sales of high-end aluminum doors and windows, curtain walls, and industrial profile processing equipment

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Zhongshan LPMCH Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise specializing in the research, development, production and sales of high-end aluminum doors and windows, curtain wall profiles, and industrial profile processing equipment.

After more than ten years of development, the company has a high-quality and high-efficiency technical team, and has successively developed large-scale seven-axis CNC double-head saws, large three-axis CNC double-head saws, CNC curtain wall interface data, precision automatic cutting saws and other domestic Advanced unitized curtain wall equipment and industrial profile equipment, some of which are the first at home and abroad, have been well received by the majority of users.


Our products are widely used in new energy auto parts, rail transit, aluminum smart homes, TV frames, tents, bathrooms, industrial profile processing, aluminum profile processing and other fields. After years of development, the company has mastered a number of core technologies to produce precise The standard selection of machine tools cooperates with suppliers of world-renowned brands to ensure that our products have high precision, high rigidity, stability and durability, and are easy to use and operate, providing customers with the highest quality aluminum deep processing equipment.

Technology achieves innovation, and quality creates brilliance. In the future, we will continue to reform and innovate, improve every process detail, let every user experience value-added products and services, and jointly write a chapter of joyful development.



In the process of technology development, the Blue Spec R&D team consistently adheres to the concept of safety first to ensure the safe production of equipment. The company's product design follows the CE certification design specifications, meets the UL design requirements, and at the same time reaches the ROHS standard, which further improves the safety of the product.


Reliable production comes from professional level, dedicated attitude and dedicated pursuit. Every Blue Spectrum product is the result of our professional, dedicated and dedicated scientific research. Reliable operation is the best reflection of product quality. The designers fully consider the unreasonable factors in the design, and the whole machine takes the realization of functions and the guarantee of accuracy as the design criteria, eliminates unpractical functions, and reduces the probability of failure.


The company's products closely follow the foreign advanced production process, the design is more user-friendly, the interface is friendly, and the operation is comfortable and reasonable. The latest technology, the latest technology and the latest process are one of the important guarantees for the production of Blue Spectrum. Use the most modern technical strength to create the most competitive products in the market. The pursuit of excellence and innovation is the development principle that Blue Spec has always followed.


All parts of Blue Spec products are manufactured with high-quality technology to ensure the stability of the production project, ensure the operation, simple debugging, and strive for the durability of the equipment. All products must undergo strict stability testing to ensure long-term effective and stable operation of the product. In Blue Spectrum, stability is an important working principle to win customers.


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