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What are the processing procedures of industrial aluminum profiles?

Author:Zhongshan LPMCH Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. Click: Time:2019-04-19 00:00:00

Aluminum profiles are favored by many automation industries and machinery and equipment manufacturers because of their diverse specifications, good performance and applicability. So do you know how many types of industrial aluminum profiles are processed? Today, Qiyu, an aluminum profile manufacturer, will explain to you what the processing procedures of industrial aluminum profiles are.

       The material technical process is roughly divided into five categories: aluminum material batching, smelting, casting, extrusion, and oxidation processing. We know that aluminum itself is actually a softer material, and other metal materials need to be added to increase the hardness of the aluminum profile. Therefore, before the aluminum profile is processed and produced, it is necessary to carry out ingredients according to strict standards, so that the performance of the resulting products will meet the standards. After the ingredients are completed, the ingredients can be put into the smelting furnace for smelting, which can remove impurities and ensure high performance. The next step is to cast the molten aluminum into aluminum rods, then put the aluminum rods into the mold, and extrude the aluminum profiles through an extrusion machine, so that industrial aluminum profiles with different cross-sections can be obtained. The extruded finished profiles also need to undergo surface treatment, such as anodizing. Oxidation processing can color the aluminum profile, which can increase the corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance of the aluminum profile product and the aesthetics of the aluminum profile.

       After the above five aluminum profile processing workers have finished the profiles, the profiles at this time can be finished according to the needs of users. The finishing methods of aluminum profiles include cutting, drilling, tapping, slot milling, bending, straightening, laser lettering, spray printing, welding, etc. Through these methods, aluminum profile related products can be made from industrial aluminum profiles, such as machinery and equipment, aluminum profile frames, factory protective fences, whiteboard racks and so on.

What are the processing procedures of industrial aluminum profiles?
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